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Jessica Campbell


Owner of

Blessings Home Care

Blessings Wellness Center


Author of

Poetic Blessings From Above


Editor-in-Chief of

Blessings Magazine


Host of

Blessings Radio Show 107.3fm


Medium/Medical Intuitive

Reiki Master

Body Sculpting Specialist


As a child of God, my purpose in this lifetime is to spread as much Love, Light, Healing and


Blessings to as many people, I possibly can. My goal is to Empower, Educate, Uplift, Motivate,


Help, Inspire and Unite all. I am blessed to be able to play my tiny part as a vessel where Love


and Healing can Flow through.

Be Blessed But More So Be A Blessing To Others

Poetic Blessings From Above
A compilation of Poems received from Spirit Guides to provide Love and Light
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